Ice Cold Player

A deal with the devil

Anyone but her. Eva Adams—the entitled, picture-perfect cheer princess. Incapable of empathy, patently manipulative, and absolutely beautiful. I can’t afford her drama—I just want to play my last year of hockey without being kicked out of TU, but there she is on my first day back. Crying. In a weak moment, I make her an offer. An agreement I never thought she’d take. Except she surprises me, and now I’m faced with a dilemma. Protect my secrets…or win the girl.

Anyone but him. Gavin King—the rebellious, coffee-slinging hockey god. Arrogant, irreverent, and way hotter than he has any right to be. Despite the lady tingles, I’d be happy to spend my last year at TU without seeing his face—or his tattoos—again. It should be easy. I have cheer, I have my friends, and I have nowhere to live. To my eternal frustration, he offers me a solution…for a price. When I take the deal, I can’t help wondering what else I’ll give him before the end.

Ice Cold Player is the first book in the Beyond the Ice series of interconnected standalones featuring the hockey players of Teagan University—an enemies to lovers, he falls first, forced proximity, college hockey romance with plenty of heat.

SAMPLE – Chapter One